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No. I'm afraid not. Please do not book a consultation if the prices do you not suit your budget. 

Yes I do! I love to travel. Pay for my travel expenses and I am there!

Yes. Throughout the day, I direct very little. I let you get on with your day and I capture the events as they unfold. I do not hide behind trees (thats weird!) but I am certainly not in your way either. I am very discreet in the church service. I discuss with the Vicar beforehand what I am allowed to do during the service. I usually use natural light and not flash as I like to be as unobstrusive as I can. Throughout the day I produce "reportage" style images, however when we do the couple portraits I have scouted out some locations and we set-up some images. Some of my couples get nervous about this part but I have to stress that this is sooo informal and fun. I will direct you to a certain degree but usually the winning shots are created just before or after I have "posed" you, without you even knowing!

Yes I do. I completely understand why my couples want formal photographs. It is usually because their elderly family members would like some to put on their mantlepiece but is also a good way of ensuring you get photographs with all the important people! I usually suggest no more than around 10 formal photographs and to have them at the venue, not the church as it is less chaotic. It takes a long time to organise people and no-one enjoys the thrills of formal photographs!

I bring my luxury Graphistudio albums with me to the first consultation. If you order them shortly after the first consultation the price of the album is reduced by £100. See prices

I would refund your monies in this situation. The chances of me being ill are equal to the chances of the bride or groom being taken ill. We all do our best to avoid this risk.

I ask for a deposit of 1/3 of the final package cost to secure the date. This is paid at the time of booking. I then ask for the remaining amount one month before the wedding. Payment can be made either by cheque or internet bank transfer.

I aim to edit the photographs in a 2 weeks. I upload them into your gallery in 'wedding galleries' section. I first give you a 'teaser slideshow' with 60-70 of my favourite images from the day with your first dance song as the backing track. I then put all the other images up in the password protected part of your gallery and send the John Alexander Photography USB stick to you with the high-resolution versions.

Yes please! I always appreciate some food. I usually take my break during the meal as people don't usually like to be photographed whilst they are eating. I always work better on a full stomach! If you could treat me as one of your guest that would be brilliant. I usually like to eat separately to sort out the rest of my gear for the next part of the day!

There is no need. Usually the venue isn't set-up until the day so there isn't much point going earlier. It will just cost you extra in additional mileage. I arrive early on the wedding day and scout the church and venue before arriving at the Bride's prepartions. I only need 10 minutes or so to do this so it works for both parties. 

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