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Previous Guests

From the moment we stumbled out of the pub, your master plan was put in to action - it was effortless and seamless and huge fun too.

"John's enthusiasm is contagious - I want more!"

Rags Macgregor

A really interesting and fun afternoon putting theory into practice in a stunning location.

"All in all very inspiring".

Louisa Lewis

Thanks to John's excellent teaching I have gone from being a complete SLR camera novice to having a firm understanding of their functions and how to experiment with them in practice.

"It was such a worthwhile experience, one that I would thoroughly recommend to anybody".

Emma Johnson

What a Wonderful Day I've had at John's photography workshop.
It was so amazing, Your so gifted and a great teacher.
Thank You again and for your lovely girlfriends hospitality, Much appreciated.

As a complete novice, I was really motivated.
John's enthusiasm, his patient explanations enabled me to produce photographs that I had only ever dreamed about.

"I can't wait to sign up for another one".

Alison Barr

I had a fantastic day with John and feel like I have learned a lot.
We were lucky that we had a beautiful day in London and I have come away with some shots that I'm really pleased with and am confident I can reproduce- now I know how to use my camera!

Astin Ewington

John took my lack of knowledge and artistic abilities in his stride and was a brilliant teacher.

"His patience with us all, and a well thought out day meant we were able to produce some excellent photos which we were extremely proud of at the end of the session".

Ellie Yeates

John's mini missions at each carefully selected site grabs hold of your creative side and puts it to the test.

"John's open and positive teaching style encourages you to experiment and reap the rewards!"

Matt Campbell

John is not only a superb photographer but a top mentor too.
A great day with stunning locations, clear instruction and more importantly I've come away feeling wonderfully inspired.

"Thanks John. I will definitely be spreading the word"

Annie Dickenson

I learnt more in half a day with you than I did in weeks worth of study prior to this course.
I now feel rather than getting frustrated with not quite capturing the image I had envisaged I have the tools to make those moving shots, dimly lit landscapes, colourful details and the subtle hues of nature come to life.

"I'm re-inspired and will be walking the streets with my SLR again! Thanks John for a fantastic day!"

Emma Mills

A fantastic, informative introduction to photography in a friendly atmosphere.
I arrived with next to no knowledge; just about able to locate the power switch.
By the end of the day I had taken a series of shots using different compositional techniques and felt confident adjusting settings to create different effects.

"John is an excellent teacher, able to communicate complicated terms and jargon in simple terms. I highly recommend his photography workshops".

Tom Hurst

I had a brilliant time learning how to use my SLR properly and the different features it has.
The instructions were clear and I managed to take some lovely shots with it by the end of the day.
The group sizes were just right.

"John was a very friendly and helpful teacher – highly recommended!"Kiko Matthews

Kiko Matthews

The workshop with John was informative, inspirational and very hands on.
He was enthusiastic in presenting his knowledge, helpful, energetic and patient.
I would recommend this to anybody and everybody. I look forward to working with John in the future.

"I will be a repeat workshop attendee. Thank you so much for the awesome workshop!"

Sylwia Lukasik

John's workshop has given me self-assurance to handle my camera and its functions to the best of its abilities.
During the one day workshop I improved my composition skills and learnt some new techniques to get the most out of my shots.

"I love taking my camera out at any opportunity and take photographs more confidently."

Mili Patel

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