London Workshops

The London Photography Course.  I’m really excited about holding it in London as each workshop is different and less structured than my other workshops. As each day is so different we will need to keep a sharp eye out for potential photographic opportunities!

London Group Photography Course



The focus is on landscape and travel photography.  The aim is to harness your skills with the camera by presenting you with different challenges throughout the day including action, street, and landscape photography.  Of course, all the techniques learned can be used in other genres of photography.

 I will guide you through the techniques and help you to improve your photographic eye so you begin to “make” your photographs rather than “take” them.

Schedule of the day

6 Hour workshop.

We meet and go through all the controls of your camera over a cup of tea. Once the technical aspects have been covered, we venture out into London to put all the theory into practice.

Throughout the day, I give, hands-on, in-the-field tutorials to help you master the techniques and am alongside you every step of the way! We finish with a sunset shoot (where our tripods come in handy) then edit your favourite photographs taken from the day, where I show you some basic post-editing techniques.