One To One Workshops

My individual photography courses are, in my opinion, the best way to improve your photography quickly and effectively. Whether you have never switched on your camera, are an aspiring professional, or would just like to improve a certain aspect of your photography, I give you individual, intensive guidance throughout the day.

One-to-one workshop pricing



The main focus of my photography workshops is to open your eyes to the infinite opportunities that surround you everyday. The seemingly mundane objects and everyday backgrounds suddenly become an exciting playground bursting with photographical potential. It is this training of your photographic vision that I hope to harness and explore.

Why learn with jeaphotography?

You will not just leave confident with all the nuances of your camera’s controls, but also with a brand new set of photographic eyes.

I keep the workshop as practical and as relaxed as I possibly can (there is no blackboard, projector or any sort of boring presentation!).

Quick, easy & painless for all skill levels

We first negotiate through the camera’s controls, disregarding almost all of the auto ‘do it all’ buttons over a cup of tea. Then, once you have grasped the fundamentals I show you my way of shooting that is easy, quick and painless. Throughout the day I take you into the real world where we put all that theory into practice!