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I am a professional photographer based near Oxford in easy reach of London. Although specialising in wedding photography, I am fortunate to be commissioned by private and commercial clients, on projects all over the world, covering many different genres of photography.

I feel it is this range of different skills, acquired during these projects, that has given me a unique perspective on the world which, in turn, has moulded the style of my photography.

I have come to appreciate that people like to know a little about who is behind the camera. I have always loved photography and am rarely seen without a camera in hand. Ever since I picked up an old film camera to take on holiday to the USA when I was 15, I realised I wanted to be a photographer. I remember thinking that if I put the camera on 'M' (manual mode), even though I didn't know what it would do, I would instantly take better photographs.

Throughout the trip, I photographed dramatic coastal vistas and took intimate wildlife portraits which, in my mind, were National Geographic standard. Later, it was proved that I had been somewhat optimistic. Every image received back from the printers was completely black. Just one image survived my incompetence - that of a common dolphin jumping out of the water. I had caught the photography bug.

I recently blew the dust off that image, it is underexposed, poorly framed and completely out of focus. Fortunately, my photography skills have improved since then!

Now, as a professional, I am hugely passionate about my photography. I love working with new people and getting to know them. Many of my clients have kindly remarked that when the job is done, they feel like they have come away with a new friend and that is really what I aim to achieve and, in my experience, produces the best photographs.

I feel extremely fortunate to be able to earn a living from something that I love doing so much.

I really hope you enjoy the showcase of my images.

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