Documentary-style Family Portraiture 'This is us'.

I'm so excited to offer my new style of family portraiture called, 'This is us'. The photographs are taken in a documentary-style, capturing a morning/evening/day in your own home.

This fun idea creates a charming set of images capturing all the little nuances of your daily life. What's really unique about this style of shoot is that nothing is choreographed. That's the point. I photograph the things that may seem mundane and repetitive, but really, they're special to that time with your kids at that age. For me, I love creating these images by using the available light and the surrounding backgrounds to give that sense of place and time. Your child/children looked like this, wore those clothes, with those pictures on the wall, playing with those toys. In a month's time, these activities might be completely different.

That's what is special about this documentary-style shoot, I want to capture what makes your family unique and undoubtedly quirky. As a new father to my daughter, Ottilie, I'm trying desperately to create my own 'This is us' keepsake as I would really like to capture the moments I've been able to capture for other families....but I'm never in the photos! 

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What makes the shoot work is the unobtrusive nature, there are no forced smiles at the camera, just cheeky photographs of your kids filled with character. Simply put, it's a creative photographic document of your day as if I wasn't there at all! Of course, we can organise a few activities like going to the park, having bath time or playing in the garden, but essentially the kids need to be playing like kids.  

Chloe: ' I have to admit I was skeptical of the concept of a 'This is us' shoot initially, but as soon as John was here snapping away, I totally understood the significance of capturing these mundane current routines, that in times to come, will be far more precious than we realise now'. 

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How does the day work? Things to think about...

You choose when you would like me to arrive!

 What would you like to capture? A Monday morning from waking up and going to school? A Saturday afternoon when both parents are around? You choose!

The images I capture work best in a set. That's why I really recommend an album. It is beautifully crafted filled with images. During the shoot, I'm continually taking additional 'filler' shots to enhance the storyline and to compliment the main images. This could be the toast cut into squares or a cherished cuddly toy, it all adds to the sense of fun and character.  



£495.00 for a 3 hour session + 20 high-resolution images 

Additional products:


Graphistudio 20cm x 30cm Luxury Album (recommended) - £595.00

£15 per additional high-resolution image