'This is us' - Documentary-style family portraiture

documentary family portrait photographer in Oxford

There is no one way in the dictionary to define family. In the same way, there is no one way to photograph a family. Since becoming a father to my daughter Ottilie in April, I have realised that family cannot be shown under studio lights and a white background. Family is shown in the nuances of your daily life, the things that make your family unique through the hilarity and unpredictability of your children. 

You may think that I'd be there just photographing the repetitive and boring moments such as tidying the lego away together, but even those are special moments with your children. These are images that capture moments in a specific time and place to you. In the background there may be cards still up from the latest birthday, forever taking you back to that year and the memories that were made then. 

This is a new approach to capturing your family life, I come with fresh eyes and see the things that you may think are boring but are actually special moments that show who you are.  There is no need to worry about forced "cheesing" or whether you all had your eyes open for that group shot. 'This is Us' is a keepsake that captures the natural unplanned moments in your daily life, like the laughter after bath time. Of course, we can organise activities like going to the park or reading at bedtime, but mostly I am there in the background to create a document of your day.  You'll never have the same photographs as your friends, these unobtrusive photographs which capture the nature of your family and the personalities of your children.