Spring Lambs + Bluebell Woods Photography Course


Sunday 30th April 2023

Location: Greatworth, Oxfordshire

Cost: £150.00 

Up to 10 guests

Welcome to my Spring Lamb & Bluebell Photography course. Spring is my favourite time of the year to photograph and some of my favourite things to photograph are newly born spring lambs and Bluebells.

We first go through our camera controls over a cup of tea and discuss the skills we are aiming to improve in the workshop. Once we are all happy with our camera settings, we head into a local Bluebell wood. Here, I'll show you how to use the available natural light to take creative images of the bluebells. The skills learned from the wood transfer directly into photographing the lambs. In general, it's pretty easy to take a photograph of a lamb but to take more than just a simple portrait requires knowledge of natural light and the creative use of the surrounding environment. On this workshop, I take you into my local fields where we spend an afternoon on our bellies photographing lambs as they frolic in the spring meadows. I actually can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon, can you? 

This workshop isn't just about being able to photograph Bluebells and Lambs but understanding how to use light creatively. Once you understand how to use different types of light in tandem with your camera's settings, it opens up a whole new world of photographic opportunities. 

Having filled up your memory cards throughout the day, we return back to base where I show you some basic post-processing to enhance your already, probably award-winning, images... ;)

Suitable for all skill sets.


natural light group photography course in Oxfordshire

Spring Lambs & Bluebell Group Photography Course


Price: £150.00


Limited to 10 guests

Spring Bluebell Wood Photography courses in Oxfordshire

Schedule of the day

5 hour workshop.

We meet and go through all the controls of your camera over a cup of tea. Once the technical aspects have been covered, we venture outside to put all the theory into practice.

Throughout the day, I give hands-on, in-the-field tutorials to help you master the techniques and am alongside you every step of the way! We course is limited to 10 guests so there I will be able to give one-to-one tuition throughout the day when needed.